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— 1 Location (36 rooms) —
“A decrepit steamboat housing unusual passengers…”

— 6 Backgrounds —
Cardistry Apprentice / Fishrider / Hamelin Bassoonist / Hydromancian / Montgolfier / Vialmaker

—12 Activities & 12 Events & 36 Encounters —
— 12 Items & 6 Spells —

Note: Done in a week, and finished 1 hour before the deadline of the TroikaFest! 2021 Game Jam oof! I couldn't proofread it, so at the moment, the current version is FULL of typos and other mistakes, sorry  :S

Please download the v1.1 version instead: most of the glaring issues have been fixed! 

The next update will have illustrations.

StatusIn development
Tagstroika, ttrpg


Still Afloat v1.1.pdf 432 kB
Still Afloat (gamejam draft).pdf 398 kB

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