1.1 version

What's been fixed?

  • it has a slightly better layout (it's still a basic text file)
  • no more typos (I hope so)
  • missing paragraphs, duplicate contents
  • few sentences have been reworded too

Some post-mortem remarks: starting only 1 week before the end of the Troika! gamejam was a challenge considering the scale of this project (the biggest I have ever made finished in a RPG context), and the submitted gamejam file greatly suffered from this absence of planning. Lesson learned: writing takes time! In this week, I managed to write all the ideas I had, vaguely inspired from Moebius, Adventure Time, The Midnight Gospel, Number Five, Over The Garden Wall. Will I able to draw decent illustrations for this project tho? A new style seems required, but I'm afraid I might not have time to start this work in May; at best, I'll share images on my Twitter before finalizing the next update.


Still Afloat v1.1.pdf 432 kB
May 01, 2021
Still Afloat (gamejam draft).pdf 398 kB
Apr 30, 2021

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